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Capt. Bob’s Psychological Interview Preparation

Immediate Digital Download Available! 

Since 1950, our seminars and entry-level products have successfully prepared over 60,000 applicants for firefighter examinations across the country.

Capt Bob Smith’s Fire Department Psychological Interview Preparation

Immediate Digital Download Available!

You have been testing for three, five, or seven years to get a firefighter job and you are finally in the hiring process. You’ve made it through the background check. Then, you’re conditionally offered the job pending the medical which includes a fire department psychological interview. You complete the interview; no big deal, right? Then the phone stops ringing. You are out of the process. You are told that you didn’t meet the profile. What profile? 

What do you mean, I didn’t meet the profile? I’ve got training, experience, education, every degree, certificate, merit badge, and a paramedic certification. I’ve been a volunteer, paid member of another department for 10 years, and lived and breathed this job. And, I don’t meet the profile? 

Captain Bob spent over a year researching the problem. Like any other portion of the test, you need to be ready for the psyche. The special report has the road map to get through the minefield. 


Your investment in this psychological exam prep package will actually be returned to you in your first two hours as a firefighter! When considering the cost of this preparatory package, view it as an investment in your future and the future of your family.

We have been preparing applicants since 1950; this is what our business specializes in. If you feel at this time that you are adequately prepared for your psychological exam,  we wish you the best of luck. If you want that extra edge over your competition that our psychological exam prep will provide, this prep package is for you! And, remember that luck goes to the prepared!


I ordered your Special Report on firefighter psychological exams and felt so empowered during my exams, it was a joke! It was like I was in their heads instead of the other way around. I passed all with flying colors. I got my call and today was my last day in my civilian job. I start the academy on March 3rd and am the happiest man on the face of the Earth. Thanks so much and God bless you!


Capt Bob’s Psychological Interview preparation - $29.95 + $6.95/shipping.

This psychological exam prep is also available for IMMEDIATE digital download – you save on shipping costs and can print the material at home to begin studying right away!

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