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Don McNea Fire School’s Assessment Center Subordinate Counseling Exam Preparation has been put together by Fire Chiefs who are nationally-recognized authors and who have been assessors for hundreds of fire promotional assessment centers. 

We are so confident that you will increase your Assessment Center Subordinate Counseling examination score with our in-depth, step-by-step playbook that, as with all of Don McNea Fire School products, we offer a no-risk guarantee.  If you are not completely satisfied, we will refund 100% of the product cost – no questions asked. 

How can we give such a guarantee?  Simple!  Our Assessment Center Subordinate Counseling Exam Prep has successfully worked for hundreds of promotional candidates across the country.

This book contains over 110 pages of in-depth information and practice examinations for your Fire Department Subordinate Counseling assessment center – you will not be able to find this type of detailed exam preparation anywhere!

This Assessment Center Subordinate Counseling Exam Prep package includes:

  • Our Assessment Center Subordinate Counseling Exam Prep is a complete step-by-step playbook – from preparing your outline to your actual Subordinate Counseling. 
  • Not only is this a step-by-step guide – it’s an in-depth explanation of what you need to do and, most important, contains sample suggestions on what you need to say and what critical behaviors the assessors are looking for in top-scoring candidates. 
  • 10 full-length Subordinate Counseling practice examinations
  • Our exam prep will show you how to deal with every possible training and personnel issue that you could be faced with in your Fire Department Subordinate Counseling assessment center. 
  • How to put together a precise Subordinate Counseling outline to follow during your Subordinate Counseling exercise.
  • Subordinate Counseling Assessment Center Dimensions used by the assessors to grade you
  • Subordinate Counseling Assessment Center Positive/Negative Behaviors
  • Subordinate Counseling Assessment Center Key Presentation Skills


Your investment in this promotional exam prep package could very well be the difference of being promoted and not! Don't go into a Fire Department Subordinate Counseling exercise unprepared!  When considering the cost of this preparatory package, view it as an investment in your career future and the future of your family.

We have been preparing entry-level and promotional applicants since 1950; this is what our business specializes in. If you feel at this time that you are adequately prepared for your promotional examination, we wish you the best of luck. If you want that extra edge over your competition that our custom-designed testing materials will provide, this prep package is for you! And, remember that luck goes to the prepared!

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